Elder Friendly Computer Mentor

Computer Mentor Preserves Family Photos & Family History

Homer was looking for one-on-one computer mentoring with someone who could teach him basic skills on his computer. That is how Zoe and Homer met. They were introduced through Kelly Kindrick of Sunset Computer.

During their first meeting they went over some basic computer skills then looked at Homer’s family photos. He mentioned he wanted to have his images scanned so he could look at them on his computer and share them with his friends. Skyping with Homer Over the next several months the Speer’s visual legacy, more than 1500 hundred slides and images were scanned, then organized into Picasa.

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Along the way, Homer kept gaining new skills. As his confidence grew, he began putting together slideshows with his images (and his comments) in Picasa.

Once the slideshows were completed to his satisfaction, Zoe would add voice over or audio to the slideshow for Homer. The videos were then published to youTube. This was done so the video’s could be displayed on the Speer Family West website ( another project which Homer and Zoe put together using Homer’s desired content)

Homer Speer Demonstrates His New Found Skills

Zoe and Homer, and his wife Nancy continue to meet several times a month (and even via Skype, another of Homer’s newly discovered skills) or when sharing a meal, conversation & basic computer time.

Nancy and Homer Buddies

Their friendship has continued to grow and prosper thanks to Kelly’s introduction.

Homer Speer Birthday Collage Image


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