Challenged Exec Gets on Track

 Executive Assistant Gets Real Estate Developer on Track

To begin, let me say that anything I could possibly write would fall so far short of the mark I am having a hard time knowing where to begin…With that in mind….

When I met Zoe I had been spending countless hours helping my father/boss to find someone who could essentially think of what he needed before he realized he needed it. Naturally, we went through quite a number of unqualified candidates as
clairvoyance is not high Real Estate Developer Lauds Personal Assistanton many people’s lists of attributes.

Fed up, I posted an ad on craigslist and somewhat sarcastically
described my father as, and I’ll phrase this gently, a somewhat difficult man to work with. Zoe emailed, and we met. At the meeting I knew I had found someone who could handle the challenge. And oh what a challenge it was.

Zoe had to come in and not just take over systems, but rather reinvent them. Each time someone in her position would leave someone new would come in and make more of a mess than before. Zoe literally seemed to come in and go back to the beginning of every file, every phone call, every email, every everything and reorganize it from the beginning. And she did it effortlessly.

Eventually the office worked. It worked very well. My father functioned more efficiently as a professional from Zoe’s work. He also functioned more easily in his personal life as Zoe took over the management of his bills, the day to day running of the things that simply took too much of his time but were necessary. She truly freed him to do more both as a businessman and a man.

The best thing about Zoe though was not that she was clairvoyant, not that she was organized, not that she was razor sharp intelligent…All of these things were clearly of benefit but Zoe brings more to the table than simply being insanely good at what she does; she’s also a great person to be around. Humor, wit, discretion, social intelligence…really a complete package and really just a wonderful person to see everyday.

In closing, like I said above, it’s difficult to do justice by Zoe in a simple recommendation. But I think you get the picture.

Finds clairvoyant assistant for busy exec

Adam Wolfson, Vice President, Acquisitions & Development at Gold Krown Fund, LLC

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