Are you overloaded, need 1-to-1 tutoring, or are you looking to do it all? You can, with support services!

Are you paying for services you are too busy to manage?

Have you purchased a system or find yourself too busy to attend to  your client relationship management by the end of a busy week? Don’t keep throwing hard earned money away. Focus on building your business while I handle the details.

Small business owners need to stretch their resources and work productively.

I offer ongoing support services by the hour or by the project.
Client Relationship Management (CRM) is an ongoing process.

CRM Management: 

Send Out Cards tutoring and support
Hand Written Thank You note services

Tax Organization

Organizing receipts
Inputting receipts
DB to Accountant
Client Invoicing
Paperless Office Services

Marketing Calendars

Marketing Services

Social Media Platforms

youTube channel creation

Guerilla Marketing

Brand Management

Online Directory Listings
Email Signatures
Email footers
Canned Responses
Systems design
PowerPoint Review
Event support services
Newsletter curation



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