Podcast Concepts in iTunes and Blog Talk Radio Adult Placement Network and Let’s Share Housing

Project: Adult Placement Network Podcast Channel

I was the Producer and creator of the Podcasts for both Adult Placement Network and Lets Share Housing.

I made sure all the episodes were available on both iTunes and Blog Talk Radio, APN’s Aging Resourcefully podcast was designed to provide advice and resources for family members and consumers seeking answers to questions and concerns. It also gave Adult Placement Network the ability to market for their partners and vice versa.

Among the more than 36 interviews, the show featured aging experts throughout the country including Debbie Davis of Providence Elder Place, Laura Miller of Sapphire Daily Money Management, Daina Puodziunas, Certified Life Coach/Owner Awakened Potentials and many other experts. The shows  available online 24/7 through the internet, are searchable and available for reference long term.  Each podcast can be tagged, added to social media, embedded into websites and used in other marketing materials across the web.

Sample list of Podcasts from Adult Placement Network

Adult Placement Network Blog Talk Radio Podcast also available on iTunes

Podcast to iTunes: Available as a World Wide Reference: Let’s Share Housing

I was the producer and developer of the podcast content for Let’s Share Housing.

Available on Blog Talk Radio and on iTunes. Experts on shared housing (Marianne Kilkenny, Annamarie Pluhar, Michele Fiasca and more) offer advice, resources, bookshelves and personal stories from their shared housing experience. Listen to shared housing podcasts on iTunes

Lets Share Housing podcasts on iTunes