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Directory Listing to get found online

Directory listing tools to get found online

Enroll in directory listing  platforms to tout your services

Use effective tools and reliable directory listing resources to increase your exposure AND build your mobile audience too! There’s a plethora of websites to submit listings.

The dilemma is where to submit your business directory listing? Do you start small using a local listing directory? Those are one resource but this tip focuses on trusted sources that produce good results!

Directory Listings for being found online15 minutes of your day is all it will take to build your online audience and if you don’t have time to set up your listings I can enroll you in online directory services so you can get found online.

Local, targeted listings are available to small business owners via Google, MSN, Yelp, Yellow Pages.  YEXT offers a way to monitor multiple directory listings and and keyword placement tiered fee structure.Yext is mostly fee based but there are some freebies in the offering.

Yes, there are smaller listing services, but to reach an online audience start big then hone in on your local target

Build keywords into your listings. 

Research the keywords people use to search for your services. Armed with a list of key words associated with your business  you will organically reach out and touch potential clients.

Aside from giving you lots of national exposure, a directory listing using these platforms has a local advantage. Their tools let you pinpoint your location on a map, hot links to your phone number and a link to your website.

Use built in tools and plugins for inquiries

Along with basic listings, well known sources usually offer perks such as ‘Contact us’ buttons & coupon spiffs.

These web buttons do work to drive potential clients to your business, so be sure to RESPOND to inquiries in a timely manner!

Screen your calls after signing up though, since you’ll be in the queue as a lead for a sales agent. So be prepared to deflect or take the next step with paid online advertising.


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1 Minute Tips-Who Are You

Marketing and Branding

Convert generic to branded mobile using the copy/paste/polish technique in your email app.

Unless your last name is “sent from my iPhone, iPad or Android device” you’ll want to add personal polish.

Set your email app to send a graphic and signature straight from your phone.
You’ve likely spent a lot of time and/or money creating logos and your signature brand. Make sure it shines whether you are at your desk or sending emails remotely.

Some small biz owners manage MULTIPLE emails from mobile so simplify your system to be sure emails arrive with polish and clickable contact points.

One Minute Tip: Where’s that phone number

Where’s That Phone Number?

Make it easy for client’s to reach out to you by making sure your PHONE NUMBER is at the tip of their fingers so they’re not searching to call you. (Download my FREE 1 Minute Tip sheet: Where’s That Number, below)

In an email, your email address is easily found in the FROM line of your email but if you haven’t set up your emails to display contact information for you, your number won’t display at the bottom of your emails in the signature line.

If you sent a client a GREAT idea you want them to be able to reach you with just a quick click or two at the most. Please, don’t make them DIG for your phone number. Make sure they can reach you RIGHT AWAY by adding your signature line in your emails.

A bonus when your number displays on a SMART PHONE. Potential clients can call you simply by tapping your number to call.

Want help to add your phone number automatically to your emails?

I can update your email dashboard. We’ll make you more efficient by making sure contact information displays every time you compose an email.

Give me a call or meet me every third Thursday over dinner and conversation at the next AHB networking event.

We’ll set your phone number to display and talk about other signature line tips too!

1 minute tip February

Tune up your business with this 1 Minute Tip: Where’s That Number?