Eric Norberg AHB President

Association of Home Business President, Rotarian and Sellwood Bee Editor Eric Norberg gives a testimonial about Zoe Morrison.

Since meeting Zoe in 2007 he has witnessed her work as a personal assistant that included personal  catering, business project management, executive assistance and podcast producer
Her work is highly recommended by Eric Norberg.

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Business Support Services

Hiring a consultant means you’ve gotten serious about reaching your goals

I optimize your personal success strategy. My role as an executive assistant  and personal assistant across the United States means you’ve tapped a deep skillset.

You’ll be hiring a resource with more than 30 years of experience nurturing businesses growth  and helping individuals reach their personal goals. I have the expertise to get your project DONE.

I tackle the projects that fall out.  If you have a stack of projects on hold that are keeping you awake nights it’s time to get real about how to get it ALL done.

Our Goal: keep YOU focused.

It’s time to get an assist on your undone projects

Designing personal assistant success with a one-on-one intake

Our one on one business consultant and personal assistant intake helps determine how I can fill your need.

Whether it’s organization, presentations, marketing, research or an extra hand for an hour, a day, once a month or a project I’ll design a customized solution that fits your needs.

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