One Minute Tip: Where’s that phone number

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Where’s That Phone Number?

Make it easy for client’s to reach out to you by making sure your PHONE NUMBER is at the tip of their fingers so they’re not searching to call you. (Download my FREE 1 Minute Tip sheet: Where’s That Number, below)

In an email, your email address is easily found in the FROM line of your email but if you haven’t set up your emails to display contact information for you, your number won’t display at the bottom of your emails in the signature line.

If you sent a client a GREAT idea you want them to be able to reach you with just a quick click or two at the most. Please, don’t make them DIG for your phone number. Make sure they can reach you RIGHT AWAY by adding your signature line in your emails.

A bonus when your number displays on a SMART PHONE. Potential clients can call you simply by tapping your number to call.

Want help to add your phone number automatically to your emails?

I can update your email dashboard. We’ll make you more efficient by making sure contact information displays every time you compose an email.

Give me a call or meet me every third Thursday over dinner and conversation at the next AHB networking event.

We’ll set your phone number to display and talk about other signature line tips too!

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Tune up your business with this 1 Minute Tip: Where’s That Number?


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