Improved life, more productive. why are you waiting?

Are you a small business owner who is  ready to implement an organized thoughtful approach to fine tuning your goals and aspirations for moving ahead? I an improve your bottom line and give you tools to get things done.

Crossing things off your to-do list has never been easier

You won’t be going it alone. I’ve worked with small businesses and individuals to make their life simpler and more productive. With a few changes your life can become much less complicated.  I know because I’ve helped hundreds accomplish more like this challenged exec whose life improved when he/his son, brought me in to sort out the muddle.

Yes, you CAN be more productive!

  • Leaky work flow? Are you using subscription programs you’ve purchased (Send Out Cards, your organization’s CRM tools, business apps that could simplify things: if only you had time to get it set up)
  • Want to know if there is a simple way to reach out to your clients? I can help.
  • Have you purchased software or programs you’re not using? I learn your tools and then set them up so you can plug and play. I train you to use the tools at your fingertips.
  • Get out in front of your competitors & get found!
  • I’ll give you tips and tools to become more confident and focused on your goals.

I’ll do it or show you how. Simple. Tailored to your needs

You can delegate a project to me. Though I do offer customized  learning experiences that fit your needs. Are you a distracted learner. Prefer to work on your own? All of our work together is a collaborative as your time allows. Let’s design a system to learn and grow that you approach with anticipation, not anxiety.

Are you a DIY’er who prefers simple tutoring. Perfect! Want do learn over the course of time? I offer tutoring in your own systems and in the way you enjoy gaining skills. When you are ready to learn, we’ll find a schedule that allows you  to work at your own pace.

Processes Improved

Since you’ve landed on my page, why not take the next step? I’m ready to help you find ways to improve your life, whether you’re looking for individual solutions or business solutions. Isn’t it time to take charge and create a happier more efficient life?

Let’s talk about what you want to get DONE.

Serving all of Portland metro and mid-central Oregon.

(541) 224-7715 (google number: answers my phone, transcribes my messages. use it anywhere. Ask me how to get your own)

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