Digital Business Services

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It’s time to hire a business strategist if you are dealing with old ways of doing business.

Is this your business model?

  • Buried under mounds of paper
  • Storing paperwork offsite
  • Postcard mailings
  • Heavy business travel
  • Email management
  • Time management
  • Time saving technology you never have time to learn
  • No digital marketing strategy
  • Business hours from 6 am to midnight
  • A thousand and one other things in your strategic plan your business NEVER accomplishes

My goal is to help you create a new dynamic and thoughtful approach to your business model

Get out of your own way

If you find yourself saying ‘But we’ve done it this way since….” it might be time to bring in a fresh pair of eyes and hands.

If you are ready to consider new possibilities a business strategist can be your best ally.

A strategist finds the gaps in your business structure then creates systems to eliminate them.

Doesn’t being more productive sound good?

Solving small business and individual ‘productivity gaps’

There are a myriad of activities that keep your business running. A consultant can pinpoint ways to help your Eugene business be more productive.

A strategist develops a game plan to simplify your activities while you continue with business as usual.

Delegate while this Eugene business consultant handles the details.

Training (in person, online or virtually)  to help you and your staff learn the new systems

Our work together is an alliance to insure your success. Creating training systems, follow up calls, virtual meetings, step by step videos. We will be in touch frequently to be sure your new system is working and to make sure the changes are improving your bottom line.

Solid strategies to create a more dynamic, efficient and productive company

If you find yourself locking the office door at 11 pm, taking your cell phone on vacation, digging through stacks of paper to find notes, or wasting time to your own consternation, give me a call.

I can create a simple, streamlined system to

  • increase your revenue
  • increase productivity
  • & simplify communication